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Diamond Reaming Shell

Diamond Reaming Shell

Situated just above the diamond core bit, reaming shell maintains the outside diameter of the drill hole.

Diamond Reaming Shell connects the diamond core bit with core barrel. Since its slightly more in outside diameter than the core bit, reaming shell does job of reaming the hole.

Drilling crew should constantly check the outside diameter of the reaming shell as less diameter of reaming shell or a worn out reaming shell will result in stuck bit and drill string.

Wireline Reaming Shells are provide with TC inserts (Tungsten Carbide).

Reaming Shells are set with fully processed natural diamonds. Synthetic diamond (impregnated type) reaming shells are also manufactured.

Reaming shells are manufactured in three matrix:

  • Standard Matrix
  • Medium hard matrix
  • Hard Matrix

UEW manufacture diamond reaming shells as well as tungsten carbide reaming shells for diamond core drilling, mineral exploration, geotechnical investigation, soil testing etc.

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