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Universal Engineering Works manufacture Single Tube Core Barrel for Diamond Core Drilling, Tunnel Drilling, Geotechnical Investigation, Soil Testing, Drainage and Grouting of Holes etc.

Single Tube Core Barrel is a tubular piece manufactured from single tube alloy steel. Water is constantly in touch with the core thus eroding the core.

Core recovery is lowest in single tube core barrel and is primarily used for core drilling in continuous hard rock formations or for non core drilling where core recovery is not important.

Universal Engineering Works manufacture the following core barrels in 3mtrs, 1.5mtrs and shorter lengths like: 1.0mtrs, 0.75mtrs i.e. starting core barrel.

  • AX single tube core barrel
  • BX single tube core barrel
  • NX single tube core barrel
  • NWT single tube core barrel
  • HX single tube core barrel
  • All single tube core barrels have hard metal strips at head, hard chrome plated on both ends of the tube with core lifter, blank reaming shell and blank bit.

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