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Wireline Core Barrel

Wireline Core Drilling is a faster process of recovering the core. It eliminates the time consuming process of retrieving the core barrel every time it is full of core. Instead core laden inner tube is retrieved with the help of overshot assembly, while the complete drill string remains inside the hole. Wireline Drill Rods are only pulled out on completion of the bore hole or for replacing the diamond core bit or replacing the reaming shell.

It is extremely advantageous to use Wireline Core Drilling in softer formations and deep mineral exploration.

Double tube core barrels are hard chrome plated on both the ends of the outer tube upto a length of approx 15inches.

UEW manufacture the following double tube core barrel in length of 6mtrs, 3mtrs, 1.5mtrs:

  • WLB double tube core barrel
  • WLN double tube core barrel
  • WLH double tube core barrel
  • WLP double tube core barrel
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