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Triple Tube core barrel


Triple Tube Core Barrel is used for exploration of dams, bridges, geotechnical investigation, diamond core drilling, soil investigation, testing of foundation of the high rise buildings as well as mineral exploration for obtaining nearly 100% core recovery.

After the triple tube barrel has been retrieved from the drill hole the reaming shell, diamond core bit and core lifter case are removed. Air or water is pumped in the head and the third tube / split tube comes out with the help of a piston arrangement. The upper half of the split tube is then lifted thus revealing the core in undisturbed condition.

Universal Engineering Works manufacture the following Triple Tube Core Barrel

  • BMLC Triple Tube Core Barrel
  • NMLC Triple Tube Core Barrel
  • HMLC Triple Tube Core Barrel

Picture of Triple Tube Core Barrel: Picture name NMLC Core Barrel

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